Finance Tip of the Bi-Week

When in doubt, create a spreadsheet or write things down.  It is much better to put calculations into a spreadsheet or on paper when making financial decisions.  I often listen to clients ramble off numbers in their head about projects they would like to take on, and how they are going to make a tonne of money only to find themselves losing on the project because they didn’t write anything down.  (Poor planning)

I prefer to use Excel (spreadsheets) because the numbers are concrete and visual.  I can save the information if I want to add to it later, it saves a lot of time regarding calculations and on top of that, it is more accurate and you can go back and see if you made a mistake in a calculation.

Finally it saves on meeting time.  When you’re in a board room discussing a financial matter and everyone is giving their opinions and going in circles, nothing cuts meeting time down more than hooking your projector up to your laptop. I find this shortens meeting time because creating spreadsheet that everyone can see puts everyone’s ideas that people have in their head onto a screen and once the idea has been said it no longer has to be resaid, and resaid, and resaid, and resaid over and over and over and over again.

In summary, I love spreadsheets.

Side note: Flip Charts also work very well for cutting time short.

Grow, Change or become Obsolete

I read an amazing quote that greatly pertains to business and one of my core philosophies.  “There is, in fact, no guarantee against product (or service’s) obsolescense.  If a company’s own research does not make its products obsolete, another’s will.”

I like to do all that I can to (through the use of technology) reduce the amount of time that I spend on routine bookkeeping activities to save my customers time and money.  If I don’t, than someone else will for me, and I don’t want that.  I beleive it’s best to always work in your customers’ best interests so that you don’t become obsolete even it it means losing some revenue.

What products or services do you sell that someone is trying to make obsolete?

What is your plan to deal with it?


Hello Clients and other Friends.

I have been recently updating and modernizing my website to the WordPress format as of October 2012 so if you’re wondering why it looks a bit different that’s why.

For anyone interested, I am finding that the WordPress format is pretty easy to use and I can understand why so many businesses and individuals are now using it.  It’s much more user friendly and not as much tech knowledge is needed than the program I used to use.  I would definitely recommend it for small business owners who want to keep their clients updated (by using a blog) and for those who don’t want to spend thousands of dollars having a custom website built.  You will probably have to have someone help you set it up for the first time though and walk you through the basics first.  I had a web guru named Adam help me out.

For clients interested in creating a WordPress website themselves I could get you in contact with him.  His prices are very reasonable.