Finance Tip of the Bi-Week

Making a meal with your friends or significant other can be a fun time and a great way to save money. Think about it, every time you are eating out you pay for the building, wait staff, and chefs. By cooking for yourself you save that money, it’s like being paid to be a professional chef! If you are stuck for ideas try making homemade pizzas, you can even get creative with the toppings.

Bonus tip: With Valentine’s day coming up you can save busy restaurants and money by making your own dish, heart shaped meatloaf anyone?

Randy C. Moore, BBA      Nathan Tierney

Finance Tip of the Bi-Week

Have you ever heard someone say “I don’t want to work overtime or make too much money, because I’ll be in a higher tax bracket and they’ll take all my extra money in tax.”

That saying is dumb.

Many people (including myself when I was young) think that as soon as you reach a certain income level all your income gets put into a higher category.  That’s not true.  It’s only the amount that you make that is in the higher category that gets taxed at a higher rate.  It’s like milk and cream.  More tax is paid on the cream, but there will always still be more money in your pocket than you had before, and who doesn’t want more money?