Finance Tip of the Bi-Week

May 27, 2016

If you ever get the chance to sit on a board, or committee one of the best tools you can bring to a meeting is a flipchart.  Why?  Because you’ll often find that committee members will talk and talk and talk about an idea or decision forever if you don’t do something about it.  What I tend to do is bring out the flip chart or projector to get all the key points on paper or in some way visualized.  This way members can’t belabour their points because it’s up on the wall or flip chart for all to see.  Once visualized, you can take the data and use it to come to the best decision for the organization.  Decisions need data, not endless repetitious discussion.  Also, people need to know that they have been heard and having their point on paper  or a wall visually shows that someone was listening and that the don’t need to repeat themselves.  So repeating themselves won’t happen and hopefully it won’t repeat itself again.  Do I need to repeat myself?