Professional Service Pt2

Part 2 – Dealing with professionals

Continuing from last bi-week.  

1 – They’re confident and honest enough to tell you, you don’t need a new product when the old product is working fine.

You know you’re working with a true professional when they’re not afraid to tell you that the product you currently have is good enough and working fine if that is the truth.  This shows confidence because as a professional if your services are in demand there is no need to trick people into buying something they don’t need because they know that they have other work. 

In my air-conditioning situation I had a sales person from another company tell me that I needed to buy a new air conditioner.  I also had another service technician the year prior tell me that I would probably need a new air conditioner.  Because of that I was completely ready to buy a new one.

When I had the true professional in to quote me on a new air conditioner he inspected it and showed me that it was just dirty, and that because it hadn’t been cleaned in a long time the air conditioner was working too hard.  He showed me the power strain before and after he cleaned/fixed it and the difference was substantial.  Now it runs great, the house is cool, it runs less saving me hydro, and I don’t have to buy a new one.

It pays to have someone who knows what they are doing to service stuff around the house.  It also shows that getting a second or even third opinion can save a lot of bucks!


At PV3 Tax Inc. we try to work the same way. (Previously RCM Bookkeeping Services – Yes I know I need to update the website)  We don’t like to waste people’s money, so if there is a way we can save our clients money we try to do that.  If we don’t think they need our services or there is a cheaper option we are confident enough to give the best advice, not the advice that serves us best.  It’s about serving the customer and putting their needs first.