Professional Service Pt4

Part 4 – Dealing with professionals

Continuing from last bi-weeks.

3 – They go over and above the call of duty.

It always pays to go over and above what you are asked to do. It creates loyalty and leaves a good impression with those you serve. And serving clients and employers helps ensure that they will want to deal with you when they have a problem or need someone to take on a new project for the company etc. (Promotion anyone?)

In my A/C situation the professional I was dealing with let me use his ladder to take down some hornets nests that were stuck to the side of my house. He had no reason to do that other than to make the customer happy and be a nice guy. It was very helpful and obviously memorable. Try to come up with ways you can go the extra mile in your position to better serve your employer of client.

Professional Service Pt3

Part 3 – Dealing with professionals

Continuing from last bi-week.

2 – They realize that once a professional understands the underlying system they are able to work on any similar system.

True professionals know their work so well that when they come across new system or way of doing things they know the underlying principles of their work so well that it doesn’t phase them because they have the ability to adapt on the fly.

In my discussion with the A/C guy we discussed that most air conditioners work on the same principles so he’s able to work on different types of units.  The previous A/C guy that first looked at my A/C really fix anything while the recent A/C guy cleaned it out and showed me exactly why it wasn’t working to full spec.  He also looked at my Furnace and fixed that too.