Finance Tip of the Bi-Week – Love & Money Part #2

A wise man once said, “Where your money, is there your heart shall be.” If your heart does indeed follow your money, than it makes sense that if you hide money and spending from your partner, then your heart really isn’t in the relationship. Or vice versa. Financial infidelity is extremely damaging to a relationship while on the flip side when you have the same values as a couple it can be very good for the relationship. And if you find that your partner is hiding things from you, then you have a good indication as to whether or not their heart is truly with you.

My wife and I have been very blessed in that we rarely disagree when it comes to money. We both tend to save and analyze our purchases before we buy things, and we like to be charitable so we tend not to argue much about it.

Best to discuss your finances before you get too serious and always look to where their money goes, because you’re likely to find that, that is exactly where their affections lie.