Finance Tip Of The Bi-Week – May 24, 2018

Insurance is an important thing. Once you buy a house or have people dependant upon you, it might not be a bad idea to go out looking for insurance. There are different types of insurance.

Here are just some of them:

  • Life Insurance (For if you die),
  • Short Term Disability (In case you get disabled for a short period of time),
  • Long Term Disability (The name is self explanatory)
  • Mortgage Insurance (To pay off your mortgage in case of death)

Just don’t get too much or else you may have to sleep with one eye open if you live with the beneficiary.

Finance Tip Of The Bi-Week – May 10, 2018

Old light fixtures and bad toilets can cost a lot of money.  When you start paying your own utilities you start to realize how much a leaky toilet can cost. When my wife and I bought our house we changed one of our toilets a year or so after buying the house.  Our water bill went down $40.  $40 a month is $480 a year.  $480 in your pocket is a lot better than $480 literally down the drain.

 At my office I am currently changing my lighting to LEDs.  This will cut my hydro bill down 30-40%.  That could be about $400-$600 a year. The new lights may cost me very little between negotiating with my landlords and applying for government hydro rebates.  $400 in my pocket is a lot better than $400.00 being wasted on bad light bulbs.  Plus the light looks better since they are brighter.  I’ll be able to see myself better in the mirror now.

Oooh.  Maybe that’s a bad thing.