Hello Clients and other Friends.

I have been recently updating and modernizing my website to the WordPress format as of October 2012 so if you’re wondering why it looks a bit different that’s why.

For anyone interested, I am finding that the WordPress format is pretty easy to use and I can understand why so many businesses and individuals are now using it.  It’s much more user friendly and not as much tech knowledge is needed than the program I used to use.  I would definitely recommend it for small business owners who want to keep their clients updated (by using a blog) and for those who don’t want to spend thousands of dollars having a custom website built.  You will probably have to have someone help you set it up for the first time though and walk you through the basics first.  I had a web guru named Adam help me out.

For clients interested in creating a WordPress website themselves I could get you in contact with him.  His prices are very reasonable.


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