Finance Tip of The Bi-Week – February 1, 2017

Kill two birds with one stone. If you’re like me and you have some extra poundage to lose, go on a diet. In doing so, you will lose weight and save money at the same time. Last month my wife and I saved an extra $260 from our grocery budget on top of what we saved by budgeting less than we spent on groceries last year. Since I’ve been eating less I’ve been buying much less food.

My strategy for staying full longer has been to eat oatmeal in the morning for breakfast. At Costco you can buy about 1 to 2 months of instant oatmeal for around $12.00. That’s $6 for a whole month! I eat 1 cup of oatmeal in the morning mixed with 1tsp of honey and 1tsp of either natural almond butter or natural peanut butter.

The result is less pounds and more money! $260.00 saved! I’m not sure how many pounds I’ve lost yet, because I haven’t weighed in since Jan 1, but my pants and my wallet feel great!

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